Peeking from the clouds…

I never thought,

I would find love,

It hit me like thunder,

It sounded like rain,

I wish I knew I was still sane,

You always left me in wonder,

Your eyes they put me in shock,

I know you’ve already unlocked my heart,

I wish I knew you better,

I wish for a love letter,

You make laugh and stutter,

I love no other,

You have my switch of light,

You can make me glow forever,

And you’re so clever,

And now I’ve been hit,

I have to admit,

You’re eyes stun me every time,

I walk in a line,

And I think it’s a crime,

That you stole my heart away,

And climbed up high and far,

And make me love today,

Cause I see your face,

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