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The Protector: work in progress prologue unedited version 2

Ugh. School. Such a waste of time. I rather be at home drawing on my journal. I went to the bathroom before class. I didn’t care if I was late. I went into the stall locked it and unfolded my wings. I tried to stretch them as far as I could. The bell rang. I struggled to get out of my stall, my wings tucked back in under my jacket it was utterly uncomfortable.

Yes, I’m a dragon. And no not everyone in this world is. In fact this world has nothing magical whatsoever. I tugged at the stall door hard.

“And apparently bad luck too.” I murmured as my wing got stuck on the stupid old lock. I heard many many kids dash by, not a single care in the world. I tugged at the lock and winced.

“Ah!” I yelled

“Hello?” Someone with sparkly white sandals asked timidly.

“Umm… yeah.”

“Evilin? Is that you?”she asked again and then I heard her brown purse bang against my stall door.

“Uh…” WHAT AM I DOING, I screamed at myself. Someone already caught me flying yesterday night! What am I going to do now? I don’t even know this girl!

“I,… I’m Angel. I have heard a lot about you, hold on!” She said and carefully pried open the stall door with three rulers and a bobby pin that she had in her book bag and a gasped at my wings. She unfolded hers.

“What’s your next class?” I asked interested

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