RIP Tree

The little girl walked towards her house. The heavy backpack, lunch box, and water bottle in hand all the usual. And as she stepped by she heard her mother gasp and she turned around.

That girl had been content with her day, she was ok with it. It wasn’t bad it wasn’t good but normal. Besides having to study for a test and write vocabulary she seemed it to be an adventurers day.

But inside it tore apart, the scene that played. She became dizzy and her head burned. Inside her head rung…

The best things don’t last forever.

She didn’t believe it. She told herself that wasn’t true. How could that tree that was always there not be?

Then she thought what a shame. She can’t let go of a simple thing, a tree of all. How will she act about her parents, friends, or dog?

She aimlessly opened the fridge losing her appetite very fast. As nothing seemed important enough to compare to that tree.

When she ate cereal she watched something but even that couldn’t stop her head spinning and heart aching. And the little baby plants were gone too, her stomach threatened to throw out what she chewed.

The wind howled for a while and the girl listened to its calls like it was one thing nobody could erase and wouldn’t leave a scar on her heart. I feel like the tree screamed help but she was too far away to reach…

She knew she would sacrifice anything for the plant, and it sounds silly to think so- but it’s alive and if you were it wouldn’t you wanted to be saved as so?


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