Temporary Projections–Permanent Change
Ilya Yavnoshan

I think this is an interesting article; you emphasize the use of permanent projection being a new mean of designer and artist to address their subject matter. And the policy part is also something I never thought of before. 
But on the other hand, regarding the “permanent” characteristic of projections, the present of their audience is also important when you project. Only being at the place can their audience interact with the projection, which means that the people projections can influence were limited. Is there any chance that projection can be a way to influence more audiences?
You also mentioned that people forming protests on social medias is similar with projecting images on infrastructures. This idea is really interesting since you are compare two kinds of different infrastructures. But I somehow think they are in a different context because on social media people are able to interact with the subject directly, but with projection, people have limited interaction, and still need to rely on social media to form discussion. Do you think there’s something only projection can achieve? Otherwise, shouldn’t people just use social media?

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