Help your new users discover your product

As I was browsing through Product Hunt, I chanced upon a productivity app. I knew of tools such as Asana and Evernote but had not thought of them conceptually as tools which can potentially help us improve our daily productivity. The product review page had a comment which pointed me to a course called ‘The Art of Less Doing’ by Ari Meisel ( Course is paid but has one free sample lecture in which instructor makes a strong recommendation for app. I had recently moved from microsoft outlook to accessing gmail on web and was missing the functionality to mark mails for followup. This looked a good substitute to me and I ended up installing the chrome extension in spite of it asking for some crazy permissions. But after all that effort of finding and installing the app, I probably used it for just once in next 2 days. Strangely even without using the app, I was beginning to feel that I had installed a useless app. Then I got a mail from the CEO of (Nathan had introduced himself as CEO in a previous welcome mail).

This nudge was very powerful in getting me started on using the features of I started marking mails for follow up, disabled desktop notification, found more on setting feature. As I used more of these features, I was turning into a believer. The mail from the CEO went a long way into turning me from a dissatisfied user who would have possibly uninstalled the app into a user who could possibly be an addictive user of the app.

We need to apply similar triggers/workflows in our app in educating users about our products. One needs to find that happy loop for their users (for, happy loop is a user setting up 10 or more follow up in first 2 days of install). If some user is not able to experience that happy loop, app should do everything possible to nudge him/her to get on to that happy loop.

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