Moved my tiny blog from Tumblr to Medium

I moved from Blogspot to Tumblr about the time when Tumblr got famous from its acquisition to Yahoo. With its web 1.0 user interface, Blogspot was made for the old text only world. I needed a platform which did justice with the images and videos that I might embed in my blog. Tumblr’s sleek UI was off course no match to the Blogspot but I could never get Tumblr. It’s feed never made sense to me (I did try and un-follow and follow publishers in my interest domain but still it didn’t work). Tumblr didn’t go with my persona. It felt like home alone with nobody even sneaking in to view my articles.

One of my three resolutions for this new year is to write a lot more. As I logged in to Tumblr and wrote about a paragraph of my first blog of the year, I found myself googling ‘should I blog in medium or tumblr’. A few minutes later I eventually signed up for Medium (not that the search results were very persuasive but I think I had already made up my mind to move on).

Today as I am coming back third time to Medium, a few product features clearly stand out for me (and actually that’s the main point of writing this blog but you can’t start without the prelude!)

I want to read Medium’s feed. I see people who I know (some from my Twitter world). Browsing Medium’s feed feel less guilty than Twitter’s. In Twitter I feel guilty of quickly browsing through headlines and not reading actual articles. Loved the read time feature. When you are reading title in the feed, most important decision you make is to read or not to read the whole article. Read time certainly helps you in making that decision.

Writing is fun. No more scary text editing tool box. You just go ahead straight and start writing your blog. Embedding image is as easy as Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. Also liked the way it automatically suggests tags for your article.

Look forward to Medium helping me achieve my resolution for the year.

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