On Purpose, Values, and Fear:

An architecture for improvement


I will not for a second pretend to have found enlightenment. I know that’s a ridiculous statement to open anything up with, but hear me out. I have these tools which have helped me create an energy to do things others find daring and make real and positive change in my life that has the capacity to affect millions of others. I find comfort in knowing that these tools have brought goodness into my life and in that goodness I find that my life has more comfort and reciprocates the energy I put into it like never before.


Why should we have purpose? Can we live and not have purpose? Purpose is probably different for different people, but personally I have found that without purpose I make choices that had me waking up one day asking myself what am I doing with my life? Where was I headed? Why am I here? These questions left a void I tried to fill to no avail, and I was alive but reasoned I was not living. So what is purpose and why is it good?


Purpose is the goal we live for. It’s the ultimate and absolute resolve of vision distilled into a fire that drives our every waking moment. Purpose is where we find our ultimate flow. Purpose is the path to enlightenment. Purpose gives our lives meaning and fulfills us as humans in this universe. We are all tasked with finding our purpose in life. It’s in that purpose that we give back to the universe the energy that it breathed into us at conception.


To find purpose you must first have a fundamental core set of beliefs. Until these beliefs are established your purpose cannot find a home, because it has no boundaries by which to define itself and exist. Your beliefs and values are what make you unique, since your experience within the universe has been absolutely unique and will not be reproducible in any measurable amount of time. You will find that once you’ve established your values, you will begin to ally with other very good and wonderful people.

To find your beliefs and values, you must first observe yourself and your situation interfacing with your existence. True observation I’m not sure can be had without being truly enlightened, but a pretty reasonable approximation can be found by measuring how you feel relative to your experiments in life. To observe ourselves we must first become self aware in our understanding of who and what we are. This requires some higher order thinking that also controls our rationalizations of our actions, with a second component of understanding how our interfacing with the world makes us feel. Once you’ve found a belief system that makes you feel better about yourself, but also produces good results around you (this is the most important part, otherwise you might end up operating in a self serving and destructive vacuum) you can now begin the search for purpose.


The only true hurdles you will encounter to beginning and continuing on your journey to meet your purpose in life is fear and anxiety. Anxiety is a product of conceiving and internalizing fear, so we’ll only try to manage fear in this text. Fear comes in many forms but its ultimate goal is to deter us from taking risks. While this may have served our ancestors to preserve our species as individuals, fear in modernity has no place. It is just an artifact of our baser selves that manifests through some emergence pathway.

Fear can come from within or can be projected onto us by others. All fear comes from trying to imagine the future outcome of events. Fear is what keeps people accepting the immediate little of which that has been given to them. They then rationalize their situation by settling and finding some base comfort to fashion into habit, but this is not good.

The fear we manifest from within can be defeated by first understanding that we cannot predict the future, nor do we have control over future events. Therefore imagining future outcomes that don’t serve to empower us to continue forward will erect barriers that will only serve to inhibit us. To participate only in imagining positive future outcomes require us to place faith in ourselves that we can accomplish our goals, and in the universe that it will help carry us towards our purpose.

The fear that is projected onto us and injected into our psyche by others is a primitive function of the herd to keep others in place and preserve the species as a whole. Humans are equipped with empathy which helps people imagine themselves in another’s situation for better or worse. Because your journey is not their journey, and your beliefs are often not their beliefs, they will try to imagine what they would do in your situation, and begin to unfold their own fears about that uncertainty. Often with good intention, they will offer advice that has helped them to accept their local maxima. This might include dissuading you by any means they can, and passing along the lessons they’ve learned in life to accept their existence. You should not fault others for not understanding, for they have not found enlightenment and are on their own journey. If you must seek others out for support, find your true believers and never listen to anything that doesn’t empower you to move forward. Ultimately it is only within yourself will you find the resolve to complete all tasks, but this resolve is often only found after you’re assured on your path through successes. Keep measured accounts of your successes no matter how small.

Dealing with anxiety and self doubt requires us to be present in our environment, while simultaneously accepting the idea that where we are is in the past, and where we’re headed is completely different from one moment to the next. In practice many cultures have taken to meditation, chanting, praying, yoga, jogging and concentrating at the rhythm and patterns of the task at hand to bring themselves into the present. My mind is always wandering down curious paths, so I imagine like anything the mind can be trained to stay present if required. Find what works for you and practice.

Armed with these tools you will find a way to accomplish any of your goals. Dream big, be great. I wish you all the best, and please reach out to me for any reason.