Challenging but Interesting: My Bootcamp Experience so far

The Andela Bootcamp has been challenging but wonderful. I have been introduced to several interesting topics in web development. I have been pushed beyond limit yet I did not break. Now I realize in another sense, that it is not only inanimate materials that are elastic, even the soft human brain is both elastic and powerful. It reminds me of my undergraduate days where I could stay up all night learning and go straight to the exam hall. It has been fun learning hard!

I have been in another world since the Bootcamp started; in the world of full-stack web development. I have run codes in my dream. My short nights have been filled with Github and Pivotal tracker’s tutorials. In fact, there was a time in my dream I got the solution to a blocker. It has been a total immersion into the system of world class developers. It has been another opportunity for me to express my apt ability, where I can demonstrate my tenacity in solving complex problems even within a short time frame.

Furthermore, I have been exposed to many free and available resources on the internet. And I have learnt a lot with the speed of light. This is another life changing experience for me. An experience I will remember as part of my success story. In addition, It is fully loaded with wonderful resources and I have grown progressively in knowledge. I have got more empowered and passionate about software development.

Finally, the Bootcamp has increased my love and passion for software development! And I am a step closer to the realization of my dreams and aspiration.