TOKEN2049 Takeaways

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This article is proudly written in partnership with Amirsan Roberto (Amirbek S.).

TOKEN2049, one of the most, if not the most, anticipated events of 2023, occurred between September 11–14, which was insanely electrifying and thought-provoking. This article is the constructive takeaway that my team, SINOFY and CW Labs.

What is TOKEN2049?

his year, a premier event is scheduled for September 13–14 in Singapore. This conference is a pivotal gathering point for industry leaders, startups, investors, and visionaries in the Web3 sphere. With over 200 speakers, the event is set to host more than 300 exhibitors, drawing in an impressive audience of over 10,000 attendees. There are 400+ side events scheduled, making it a comprehensive and engaging experience for all involved. But we’ll talk about that a little later.

This year, Singapore is the host country, drawing innovators, investors, and blockchain enthusiasts worldwide, creating excitement and opportunities for the rapidly evolving blockchain industry. Furthermore, TOKEN2049 is consistently gaining recognition as a crucial platform for shaping the future of decentralized technologies and fostering collaboration on a global scale.

Some of the notable speakers that caught my attention:

And many more globally recognized thought leaders graced the event, sharing their insights and actively participating in insightful panel discussions.

Side Events

One of the standout features of TOKEN2049 is its ability to facilitate connections between startups, thought leaders, and investors, and several side events validate its importance and significance.

The event serves as a networking paradise for blockchain startups seeking funding and growth opportunities. Venture capitalists, angel investors, and institutions with an eye on blockchain technologies flock to TOKEN2049 to discover the next big thing. This unique matchmaking experience is where ambitious projects find the capital to bring their visions to life.

I enjoyed catching up with Calvin Shen from Hex Trust, Paras A. from Glassnode, John Kiew from CertiK, Snow Chen from, Anthony Tsivarev from TON Foundation, Marc Schwyn & Nutthanit Schwyn from Cyrator, and many more. I had the opportunity to network with more than 100 distinguished representatives from the Web3 industry!

We networked with more than 500 people, despite industry conditions, interest, determination, and will to push the agenda forward. Also, we attended 10 events in 4 days:

  1. zkDay Singapore: The Modular Edition Zouk Club KL — Side Event by Manta Network & Celestia Labs.
  2. Design, Build, and Scale Your Web3 Games — Side Event by GasZero, Polygon Labs, and Tencent Cloud.
  3. SubDAO Genesis Event — Side event by MakerDAO.
  4. VIP Rooftop Happy Hour — Side Event by Hex Trust & Info zkSync.
  5. Web3 Asia Neon Night — Side Event by XT.COM Exchange, TraderX| WhiteLabel & SO-COL.
  6. Token2049 Day 1 — The largest event in the world, with over 400+ side events.
  7. TON Investor Day — Side Event by TON Foundation.
  8. Token2049 Day 2 — The largest event in the world, with over 400+ side events.
  9. 20%NIGHT — Side Event by MetaStone Group, LBank & zCloak Network.
  10. Rooftop Mixer — Side event by Quantstamp, Inc. & Dodo.

Every single event I went to was committed to sharing, not consuming, Educational Workshops and Panels are genuinely designed to help educate, not sales pitches, from technical deep dives into smart contracts to discussions on regulatory compliance and security, from historic changes that defined industry to potential future changes that industry has to get ready for, said in 4 days our team acquired more practical knowledge and skills that within an entire 2023 combined.

Global Community Building

TOKEN2049’s global reach is a testament to its worldwide impact on the blockchain community. Beyond the borders of Asia, TOKEN2049 always attracts a global community that connects people based on values and ethos rather than differences. Despite strategic or philosophic differences that some may have, it’s a constructive and mutual understanding that makes the global community as compelling as ever.

Exploring the Future

The industry continues to evolve, and TOKEN2049 remains at the forefront of all discussions, inviting minds that shape the industry, innovating, developing, and simply pushing the human race forward.

TOKEN2049’s significance as a global blockchain event cannot be overstated. Its ability to connect startups, investors, and the worldwide blockchain community contributes to the growth and maturation of this transformative industry.

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