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Did you not read the article or is your comprehension level that of a second grader? The article clearly states that the crime rate is actually DOWN, not up.

This fear mongering is so prevalent among GOP ads. George Bush’s campaign manager ran ads in Texas when Bush was campaigning for the governorship, falsely accusing Ann Richards for allowing the crime rate to go up, when in fact, crime rates under Richards had gone down.

Not only is this tactic sleazy and dirty, it is outright lying. Lee Atwater asked for forgiveness from Dukakis while on his deathbed, literally. I would have told the little liar NO. Atwater wanted to have satisfaction for his worldly successes by lying, then wanted to have the satisfaction of unburdening a guilty conscience when dying. Can’t have both.

You achieve a guiltless conscience by NOT committing lies to begin with. By asking for forgiveness, basically you are putting the burden of clearing your conscience on your VICTIM — AGAIN.

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