Granulator or Shredder What to Choose


Before you go out there to buy a granulator or a Shredder, you may have many doubts regarding the machinery, what are a Shredder and granulator? What can they do? What makes them differ from one another. Why can’t I use one for other purposes also? How costly are these things? And so on.

Shredder and granulator:-

A Shredder and a granulator machine work on the same principle. That is, You fed the bigger waste material into the machine you will get the demolished, reduced smaller size particles in the output. But how they work inside is the thing that matters.

Difference between Shredder and granulator:-

The major difference between them is the result of the shredding. The output size of the particle varies from a Shredder to the granulator. In a Shredder, the scrap metal is reduced to about 20- 100 mm in a single stage process. Whereas in a granulator machine the particle is reduced to about 6–12 mm with repeated process giving a uniform particle size.

Another difference is the feeding process. A granulator machine operates at a high speed in low torque making it not suitable for bigger and high-density material. Whereas Shredder is completely opposite to it in which it operates at low speed at high torque making it an ideal choice for high-density material such as metals and rubbers. Granulator is suitable for after process of already reduced material whereas Shredder is suitable for reducing the material first handed.


These are some of the basic and important difference in between the two. Apart from this, there are also minor differences such as the size, the machine parts and accessories and so on. It is always best to consult with the machinery company before buying a Shredder or the granulator machine.

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