Recently few of us took part in a hackathon. After deliberating for several hours we all got affixed to the idea that technology needs to play more role in the society upliftment, Government and building overall accountability into the system. The product that we came up with in those 24 hours was phenomenal. It is called Empower.

The punchline is

“Empower citizens and public officials to build accountability into the democratic system using technology.”

So next time you walk into a Government office and have an interaction with public official, be assured that you are not alone. You have data that's got your back. With Empower you can easily view the reporting hierarchy of the public official, their boss, subordinates. You can also check out their profiles, where they educated, their last postings, and accomplishments. You can leave your review anonymously, or signed in add photos, video etc.

This is only one part of the story. The other part begins for Public official. We do not intend to make this system a whistle blower. Empowerment only comes when all the stakeholders are performing at their optimal levels. So, public officials can claim their profile and interact with their citizenry and brag about their accomplishments in serving people. Good honest and performant public officials are rewarded, while the slackers are nudged in a positive way.

The curious minds would be thinking, well someone can game the system and get all the positive reviews. No, you can’t. You can try. Essentially with mobile we can leverage several useful contextual signals like location, geo fences, time, identity to filter the abuses.

Now, the good part we received the second prize in the hackathon. We are looking forward to improving the lives of people and strengthening the democracies.

Complete presentation can be found here: