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Verification is the process of determining the truth of a statement by using empirical methods. Scientific test for a statement or proposition to confirm the truth. Understanding data verification is the establishment of the truth of a theory, or facts of data collected. In the verification data usually the data collected will be processed and then analyzed to be tested with the hypothesis.

Here is one video that can provide information about the VERIF-Y project operating system

The hypothesis was then tested using empirical facts of scientifically correct answers. Process of data verification or data completion for relevant data for. In this case, the data included is empirical thinking which is done after rational thinking is completed until the hypothesis. The process of data verification starts from the observation in the field of data data, that is information that can be accounted for. The data in question can be quantitative data
(number of numeric sizes) or qualitative data (good, medium, less).

Without true and accurate data, it could be a clue to a false hypothesis testing that something is wrong. Therefore, the data tools used (data) and the source data for the data (example) must be appropriate for the data data. Therefore the VERIF-Y company offers a platform to facilitate data usage. the necessary verification is difficult and inefficient, and this will also be done in all forms that are safe and secure for all activities related to verification. For users of this facility cover all areas such as individuals, organizations, governments, employers and others

And this is also one of the videos that provide clear benefits when you want to join and invest in this project that must have been handled by people who are very experienced in their field, especially in deepening verification of science, and also good marketing. For the future your money invests to be safe and fast growing because the project uses a method that utilizes blockchain technology with a contract system

The token token purchase can be seen on the official website along with the roadmap at a price that is still relatively cheap because it is still in the promotion stage. After that you can can use this token to be a coin that can be sold directly or in trading on the market that will be told later after the program will end.

That is a small review of the VERIF-Y company that is working on a very useful program in data verification. For more complete and accurate information please visit LINK below if you are interested in working on this project.


The Verif-y platform uses the Next-Generation Defense-in-Depth methodology to support and ensure the first end-to-end validation in education, employment, licensing, certification and member trust and digital identity. The key to digital identities generated by the High Verification process, given the identity it generates organically — consists of unique identification data, stored in blockchain and the results of a new paradigm for securely obtaining and accessing PII. It can be used for identification purposes outside the labor and education markets, such as online login authentication, formal identification (ID), physical access and many more applications.

The Verif-y app and its support platform have been running since April 2017 and are available for download on iOS and Android devices.

Since identity is one of the cornerstones of successful and existing blockchain implementation in many industries, strong Verif-y identity and identity solutions can be an important part of this fundamental global transformation.


Pre-sales will begin on 14 September 2017, 17:00 UTC.
The crowd will start on 5th October 2017, 17:00 UTC.


Early Bird Bonus: 20% — 30% depending on size
Max number of tokens; 3,000,000,000 VFY
Max tokens are sold through pre-sale and crowdsale; 1,000,000,000,000 VFY

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