was down for approximately one hour and twenty five minutes last week. Kenneth initially wrote about it here. This post provides more information as to what happened.

Unfortunately, this is not your typical “our servers crashed” situation. Our network was disabled by DigitalOcean for reasons relating to an unresolved DMCA takedown request that was issued to CloudFlare.

After it was all over DigitalOcean reached out and expressed genuine remorse for disabling the network without speaking first. DigitalOcean said they were committed to establishing better policy on such situations moving forward.

We are providing transparency on this issue so you…

If you’re at Semiahmoo Resort this week for CascadiaJS be sure to say hi to Kenneth Ormandy who will be presenting a talk titled “Efficient Web Type, c. 1556”. Also, be sure to follow @kennethormandy if you give a damn about web type. You wont be sorry.

Kenneth Ormandy — CSS Master, typographer, and a friendly face of the Vancouver design community.

If you’re going to be in Melbourne next week for CSSConf be sure to introduce yourself to Kenneth Ormandy to talk Typography, Type design, CSS oddities, and deploying static projects with Surge! Follow @kennethormandy.

The CDN for Front-End Developers

Have you ever wondered how to deploy a web project and get things like clean urls, graceful trailing slash handling, fallback 404 pages, or serve a catch-all file for apps using PushState?

Surge does all that while handling details such as setting long–live cache headers and setting proper HTTP status codes across a content delivery network.

Installation of surge is easy using node & npm

npm install -g surge

We’ve come a long way

Tools such as Grunt, Gulp, Browserify, and, npm have completely changed the landscape for front-end development. Sophisticated workflows now revolve around these and other similar tools. It only stands to reason…

Brock Whitten

Co-creator of Surge, Harp, and Cordova/PhoneGap. Mozilla-WebFWD Alumni and advocate of a free and open web. A friend of the community.

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