The Essentials One Must Be Aware About Sandblasting Nozzles

Good Surface preparation is one of the most important factors when it comes to paint/coating work. It directly affects the quality, execution and service life of paint job. In order to achieve optimum results, it is essential to make sure that surface is free from dust, rust, grease and/or other contaminants and that it is profiled correctly to maximize coating adhesion to substrate.

Dry and wet sandblasting are two methods of blast cleaning widely used to prepare a surface for coating. So, make sure that you use a quality sandblasting nozzle with the right length and bore to get best results.

Sandblasting has become a generic term that is used to describe most types of abrasive blasting today. It is an impacting process that removes old paint, rust and other contaminants from different surfaces. There are two main methods used to Sandblast a surface — wet blasting or dry blasting. You can use most standard blast cleaning nozzles for both these methods of blast cleaning. Wet and Dry blast cleaning produce similar results however there are some advantages and disadvantages e.g. Wet blasting reduces dust and nozzles can last longer but moisture in abrasives can produce flash rusting on metal surfaces. Flash rusting can be prevented by use of rust inhibitors but some chemicals in some rust inhibitors can cause problems with paint coating adhesion. Dry blasting produces dust and can cause nozzles to wear faster than in wet blasting. Dry blasting also needs some method of containment and recovery — all of which add cost. It is important that a blast cleaning operator investigates all aspects of a job thoroughly before deciding on which method to use.

Pick the Right Nozzle to Ensure an Optimal Productivity

Unless you have the right nozzle it is going to be difficult to get desired results. Choosing the right nozzle to work with the abrasive, air supply and hose I.D. is the way to achieve maximum productivity. Whether it’s about wet blasting nozzles or dry blasting nozzles, sandblasting nozzles are designed to provide velocity and kinetic energy to abrasives that are being supplied from a sandblast pot or hopper. Sandblast nozzles are available in a variety of different wear materials such as ceramic, tungsten carbide, silicon carbide, silicon nitride and boron carbide. Ask your nozzle supplier for a recommendation on which nozzles should work best with the abrasives and air supply you have.

Wet Blasting Nozzles — What To Pick?

There are nozzle available that are designed to mix water with abrasive within the nozzle. Advantage of these nozzles are that they cost far less than a full blown wet blast system that can cost in exceed of $10,000. Consider looking at Water Jet nozzles for small jobs they only cost a few hundred dollars.

There are many online stores where you can order sandblasting nozzle. Make sure you purchase from a well-known reputable online store one that offers best quality nozzles. Hope this article was helpful for you!