important update about Pre-sale

ATTENTION! Important update from Hong Kong company SINTEZ LIMITED!

1. From 17th December we are starting to accept payment for tokens! Pre-Sale will continue for a month until the 17th of January inclusive and You will be able to buy tokens with a 100% bonus. At the request of investors, we have eliminated the upper limit for Pre-Sale and now we have orders for a total amount of about 1500ETH.

2. Funds raised at the Pre-Sale will be spent on creating the beta version of SINTEZ (MVP), including our stable Coin and Smart Investing, and carrying out the 1st stage of the ICO.

3. The 1st stage of the ICO will start on 17th March 2018 and will last until the 17th of April. We decided to remove the minimum bar and platform SINTEZ will be created regardless of the volume of attracted funds!

4. Remember that 100% bonus on Pre-Sale is given is not for hype. This is a reasonable advantage for those who believe in our project and ready to participate at a very early stage and to wait longer than other customers do!

5. We did a great job with our lawyers and ruled out possible legal risks of the project and buyers of tokens. In the scheme of circulation of tokens SINT we excluded passive income. In this regard, according to the Howie test, tokens will not be considered securities, and we will not receive claims from the regulator. Now most of the collected commission’s tokens will be burned. This will provide a permanent deficit and stable growth!

6. All questions about purchasing of tokens please send to

7. Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! We wish you happiness, health, prosperity to You and Your family!

SINTEZ — we’re synthesizing the future!

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ATTENTION — before payment, please check the matching of wallet with listed one on the official website on the page !
When You purchase tokens You conclude a contract with a Hong Kong company SINTEZ LIMITED — .
Payment automatically implies acceptance of the terms of the contract.

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