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Hello, community!
Many peoples write me question — How much price of SINT in ETH ?
Here is right answer:

The calculation formula on the ico page is

SINT Price: Depends of investment volume divided by fund distribution (price determined by investors)

In short:
We do not set the price of the token, at the presale + ico stage, 250 million tokens will be issued in proportion to the amount of funds raised, taking into account the bonuses of each participant.

2 type of bonuses: for the volume and for the time. I.e. the earlier the funds are received and the more they are sent, the greater the proportion of tokens from those who bought them.
Thus, investors themselves set the price of the token.

For example when we reach the Second Target on ICO stage = 10000 ETH SINT price will be: 1 ETH ~ 25000 SINT
The more invested, the more the price of the token.
And bonuses: 
Early Bonus: pre-sale 100%, from 35 to 25% — target 3000 ETH, 15% — target 10000 ETH
Bonus for Volume: ( Volume⁰.07 ) –1 for example 5 ETH = 12%, 50 ETH = 31% and so on

When we prepare to ICO stage we create online calculator where you can see you volume of SINT tokens depends of you address, funds and bonuses.

And now you can go to Pre-sale page to buy SINT with 100% bonus before ICO start. Simple send ETH to smart contract address 0xc4269dA6bD616dd68EB78C095b9FD10880C5F7a6

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