SINT token — what it’s need for?

SMART cryptocurrency investing platform — what it is for you? What that kind of system must have to do?
 We asked some people and got 5 best answers:

They are all right!

Our SINTEZ platform include all of this requirements! Cause our platform is base on professional trading services tools, our new solutions make your choose more easily. You don’t need be profi to make the best strategies!
 Basic on your parameters (dates, % profit, max. risks, et.) our system can find decisions and create strategies, all you need — it’s choose the strategy and wait for result.

But for each strategies system need spend some computing power, but some decisions can spend a lot of power, so we finded solution for this issue — you can buy SINT token and spend it to buy the power of our decentralize network to solve your task faster and accurately.

The next step where SINT will helpful for you is that you can vote to fix of all commission and financial projects with will interesting for you in our system!

For example:
 Hope you had an experience, when you want to exchange BTC to ETH and the system shows commission to you, like so:

Am… (and here is some bad words)… and … you say ok, because you don’t have no other way…

At our SINTEZ platform you can vote what is the commission will be! It’s could be 0 or 10 SINT token but it’s depends only from people votes!

All that you need is the SINT token! And now you can participate on the pre-sale and get 100% bonus of SINT token!

What you need to get 100% bonus?

You need come on the pre-sale page —

2. After read and push the button that you agree with terms to see the pre-sale address :

3. The first step you can read about our pre-sale here:

4. Next read the rules to buy SINT token and then you send ETH to pre-sale address:

5. You already send the ETH? OK! At the end of ICO you get 100% bonus SINT on your wallet!

What the price of SINT?

Yes, that’s a good question!

But we will never tell you this! Because the price for SINT token set by buyers!