Fear of Gerascophobia

Before you start reading this, wiki the word – Gerascophobia. Yeah! Now you got me what ill be blogging about. Im nearing my thirties in a couple of months

The fear of being feared of growing old is haunting me. For various reason i felt that Im all eligible to be called Aunty.. It sounded weird when i was jumping around and was suddenly called aunty by a teen.. More than the positive side, i started filtering the negativity.

Then i noticed few other symptoms too.

The urge of having kid after having the disgusting look from all my relatives during each marriage anniversary.
After my leg started trembling, doing dishes for 15 mins.
When i turned more spiritual than ever before. “Oh rama!! Oh krishna!!” Chants instead “oh shit!! Oh fcuk!!”
The tendency to comment “this is all about infatuation” watching puppy loves.
To drill down the bikini’s , short skirts and shop for maxy and full covered clothes.
When chick pony tail doesn’t suit me anymore.
Started tempering on all social issues and visualising myself as a powerful leader to eradicate those.
After my zumbas and jumbas turned to meditation and yoga.
When my mind tick tock the phrase ‘Age is a number’ to console myself.
After pondering for the whole day on what to invest and when to insure.
Sanely discussing how insane I was
Lastly when i don’t cooperate with my husband for anything.

After this long list i made up my mind this is just illusions and delusions and to stop thinking about it.

And this blog is after i stopped reflecting on it🤔

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