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Competitive exams and their benefits

Every student today knows that just getting an education is no longer sufficient. There is a degree of competition associated with just about anything and everything that students learn. In such a cut throat world, how do you ensure that your education is a class apart from the countless other students who are going to be graduating high school at the same time as you? That’s where the competitive exams come in. These exams are designed to challenge you at a much higher level than the one you are used to at school. It allows you to compare your standing with the millions of other students at the same level as you. My nature these exams are going to be a lot tougher than you are used to and you should be prepared to put in a lot of hard work than you are used to. But the benefits of excelling in these exams are well worth the efforts. Here is a list of competitive exams that Synapse prepares its students for:

1.) NTSE- National Talent Search Exams

2.) NSO- National Science Olympiad

3.) IMO- International Math Olympiad

4.) MTSE- Maharashtra Talent Search Exam

5.) Ganeet Pravinya & Pradnya

6.) NSTSE- National Science Talent Search Exams

7.) KVYP- Kishore Vaigyanic Protsahan Yojna

8.) NSEA- National Standard Examination in Astronomy

9.) NSEJS- National Standard Exam in Junior Science

10.) NSEP- National Standard Exam in Physics

11.) NSEC- National Standard Exam in Chemistry

12.) NSEB- National Standard Exam in Biology

13.) RMO- Regional Math Olympiad

14.) IOM- International Olympiad in Mathematics

15.) IOS- International Olympiad in Science

These are all the examinations that Synapse Tutorials prepares its students for. Of course one does not have to give all these exams but the more the better. More importantly, the higher you score, the better!

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