Synapse Academy is a leading PCM Classes in Mumbai with 100% result oriented teaching.

Education is the most important weapon you can use to change the world.

-Nelson Mandela

Truer words have never been spoken. Education is the most important tool any of us will ever get in our lives. No amount of wealth, power or fame can ever make up for a lack of education.

Mr. Manish Behl, a math lover at heart, is a big believer in the power of education and its impact on society. His huge passion for teaching compelled him to quite his job at an MNC and start his own coaching classes to empower thousands of students with the tools to take charge of their own lives. His quiet dedication and ability to simplify even the most complex topics down to a basic level are what has lead to the enormous success of his academy called SYNAPSE ACADEMY OF SCIENCE.


Good plans shape good decisions.

This is the mantra everyone at Synapse lives and breathes. They bring together the best teachers under one roof to offer their students the best education possible. Students spend about 2000 hours with the faculty for Physics, Chemistry and Math to leave no stone unturned in the syllabus. The teachers are trained to make sure every student is at par with the rest of the class. This is to make sure no one is left behind and just progress for the sake of it. To aid with that, regular reports are made on each student and if any student is found to be falling behind, immediate corrective action is taken before it’s too late. Synapse also has a team of career counselors to help any student if he or she so wishes. All study material provided to students at Synapse has been carefully created, after great though and consideration by Mr. Manish Behl. These booklets are a work of art in and of themselves in that they offer a wealth of information, tips and tricks collected over the many years he has spent teaching students.

Any student wishing to crack the entrance exams and excel in the sciences can be rest assured that once you join Synapse and are under the care of Mr. Manish Behl and his amazing faculty team, you are on a fast track to success. The only condition they have is that you should be willing to put in the work necessary and Synapse will give all your hard work a direction in which to flow.

Happy Learning!

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