Unique polling stations introduced at BCIT to attract student votes

Elections Canada introduced a new polling station at BCIT at the past election. This station is a pilot project put on by Elections Canada geared towards younger voters. The student voter turnout has dwindled in past years so introducing this new polling station will hopefully entice more votes.

“It is very convenient for students” says Matt May, who is the community relations officer in the Burnaby South riding.

The polling station is unique in the sense that voters can cast their ballots at BCIT for any riding around the country. Students, teachers and any BCIT staff are able to vote at this polling station. This is convenient for students who don’t live in BC as they are able to still cast a ballot. There are 39 to 40 other polling stations around Canada similar to BCIT to attract student votes. In the past, the age demographic of 18 to 24 year olds has not had the highest turnout. These polling stations are designed to engage with students of that age range.

Students at BCIT were able to vote in SE2 room 213 and 214 from 9am- 9pm every day until the election. Students just have to bring a proof of address and identification.