Diversity and Beauty

I’ve past the last 2 weeks in England, working with a variety of start-up clients and their customers, arguably during one of the greatest times of change within the country’s recent history.

I took trains that transversed from #London, to #Birmingham, to #Manchester, watching a landscape shift between brick and steel to green and church spires to pockets of allotments on the edge of towns.

I discussed ideas, developments, category ownership and thought leadership in the developing area of Southwark, on the Monday after the awful happenings of the Saturday in a softened but ever present resilient environment.

I talked to manufacturers in Greater Manchester & Huddersfield on the shape of the manufacturing industry after the Election result, their perspective cautious for a future shaped by many forces.

I sipped elderflower water at an #Insurtech event hosted by Stripe in Bowers Warehouse equally in awe of our ability to find challenges and solve for those niches eg HeyBrolly and yet in disappointment that we’re still searching for that one big spark that will create a company of 100m EBITDA — as if that’s really the only thing that matters.

I discussed Fintech, IoT and HealthTech with my Egyptian friend while sat outside one evening — with Ramadan, we did not eat or drink — simply spend 90mins talking the state of the world as we observe it while the wind shifted our own perceptions of the British Summer Weather.

I proudly wore my Made in Manchester Bee T shirt at the Advanced Manufacturing Show in Birmingham, where the reception was welcoming, insightful and full of warmt and pride for the country.

You see, I was born & grew up in Northern Ireland, went to University in Manchester, Montpellier and Cambridge. Lived and worked in Manchester, London, Vancouver, Singapore & San Francisco. Through all those travels, It’s when I come back to England, that I observe the real diversity that surrounds us — in landscapes — in thoughts & ideas — in reactions and ultimately in beauty. For Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we are all shaped by our cultures, out birthplace and the social environments we are in. By observing a little of the world around us, we recognize an even greater diversity and so see the profound beauty that is the human race.

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