Why Not?

Why do I want to become a software engineer and why attend Holberton School? My simple answer is, “Why not?” Not in the sense of denial or ignorance as to why I have made up my mind to pursue becoming a software engineer through Holberton School. But in utter confidence that this is the path that will best help me grow as a person and fulfill my dreams and ambitions.

I fell in love with technology and computer from an early age. I still have vivid memories of when I use to take apart radio, TV, computer or any electronics I can get my hands on, either trying to fix it or just out of natural curiosity. Most times I end up making it worse or breaking it. At times, I wonder how I might have felt in moments when I was stuck and clueless about what I was trying to fix or curious about. Perhaps, willing and committed to learn and understand, but yet again, stuck and clueless as to what to learn, where to start or barriers out of my control. I feel like my pursuits of learning and passions have been series of crossroads to that nature.

I grew up on a small island that literally takes couple hours to drive from one to the other. My parents never finished high school and sure I won’t be blamed if I don’t finish either. But that didn’t waver me from believing that I can go beyond. I made it to college as the first in my family. I was very far away from home that I couldn’t afford a round trip ticket home. I was homesick but determined. I went through one semester after another; funded by families, student loans and savings with uncertainty if I’ll afford the next one and still have enough to provide for my family.

These are only a few of what I have been through to get to where I am today. Yet there are those out there whose circumstances are equal or much challenging than mine. Who are willing and committed with dreams and passions, but are not able to, due to barriers out of their control. Even as the eldest of seven, I can’t accept the idea of letting my younger siblings be denied of their dreams and future because there were no opportunities or means available to them. I want a fair and brighter future for them. I want them to dream as big as they can with confidence that it is in their reach. That is what inspires and drives me in my pursuit to be a software engineer.

I am convinced that technology is the best tool to break down barriers, open doors and create opportunities for anyone, anywhere to pursue and become what they dream or passionate for. Becoming a software engineer will equip me with the skills and experiences to catalyze and scale the potential of technology to pursue causes and initiatives that will offer equal and fair opportunities for everyone. The most fortunate and rich with the misfortunate and poor, all in a level plane. That is the kind of world I hope to live to see.

Now, where can there be a better school to foster and harness those skills and experiences, but Holberton School. I admire a great deal the founders’ vision and commitment to providing equal opportunity with no upfront cost for anyone from any background and community. Attending Holberton School would allow me to fully apply myself to learning without the stress for tuition. I am also awed and impressed at how the school is set up and being run. It’s so revolutionized and purpose driven. The project-driven approach, peer learning, collaboration emphasis, autonomous learning, and mentorship; these are essential elements of software engineering training that I have no or little exposure to in college or no success of pursuing it on my own. Attending Holberton School would provide me with the right experiences and backbone skills to springboard my career in software engineering. I hope to be part of Holberton School and contribute to its success and future.