Facebook’s F8 event is coming soon in mid April. What people have been anticipating the most is the launch of the rumored Messenger Platform v2 that will support more bot functionality and more integrated platform features.

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Wechat — http://a16z.com/2015/08/06/wechat-china-mobile-first/

It’s the first time the West is copying what the East(China) has been doing for years. …

The “Simple” Product

It is such a simple product!

This is probably one of the best compliments you can get on the product you build. Building digital product is all about encapsulating complexity behind a nice and elegant user interface.

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Slack succeeds because of its simplicity. Take chat notification as an example, it is difficult to coordinate notification when each user is connected to Slack via multiple devices. Also, not to mention all the nice and simple features that Slack provides.

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There are a lot of things that we can learn from the game industry. Chris Dixon recently wrote a really good essay about lessons we can learn from the game industry. One thing that I have been thinking a lot after an unpleasant Lyft Line experience is how we can implement the game leveling system into consumer apps.

Like most great games, game designers won’t drop a new beginner player into an interface that is full of complicated features(mixing magic potions, complex skills tree, etc). A well-designed consumer app should adopt the same approach too.

From beginner driver to advanced driver

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When a Lyft driver starts using the driver app, they should start with a relatively simple app with just the most basic feature, picking a passenger up and drop them off from point A to point B (normal Lyft). After certain number of trips (assuming the driver is doing well), the Lyft driver now gains enough “experience” to level up into the second level of the app, they will learn how surge pricing works, “why is it better to drive at certain hours of the day?” After a few more trips on this level, the driver will be exposed to how Lyft Line works. It should start with just one extra passenger along the ride. Eventually, the driver can graduate into a multi-pickups, multi-passengers Lyft Line ride. …



Currently at Expa. Previously at Envoy(Pre-seed, 15M Series A). YC, UIUC alum. Malaysian.

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