13 reasons to not vote for Jeremy Corbyn to be leader of the Labour Party
Labour Pains

1. For every £1000 printed, banks are allowed to create £33,000 worth of new money in the form of debt that they can charge interest on. If we properly regulate the banks, there’s no reason the government can’t regain control of money creation and use QE to stimulate ethical growth. 0/1

2. I absolutely refuse to believe that taxes can’t be claimed. Amazon, Starbucks, Apple, Cadbury, Boots and others declare their profits in other countries so they can avoid paying corporation tax in the UK. Is it really impossible to create laws that force them to declare profits in the country of sale? And why is it impossible? We make the laws — we can change them. 0/2

3. I don’t believe this to be true. I think a large proportion of voters make their decision based on who they believe in, regardless of what they say. However, even if that isn’t true, Tory voters make up just 24% of the electorate, so does it really matter? Those who vote Tory because of their policies will continue to do so regardless of who the Labour leader is. 0/3

4. No evidence is given to back up this statement, so there’s nothing to challenge. It seems quite plainly false to claim that thousands of people turning up to rallies doesn’t equate to popularity. 0/4

5. Again, this is just bluster — see response to 3. 0/5

6. This is of genuine concern, but may just be Corbyn reaching out to Wales in a way that successive governemnts have failed to do for decades. I await further comments, but for now I agree that money should be invested in renewables, not coal. 1/6

7. Corbyn’s foreign and defence policies would be a breath of fresh air. Get rid of Trident, stop selling arms to dodgy regimes, listen to BOTH sides of a conflict and put communication ahead of military intervention. I trust his judgement. 1/7

8. If non-voters rarely vote, then why has the turnout been increasing every election since 2001? This is demonstrably false. http://www.ukpolitical.info/Turnout45.htm 1/8

9. I’m not sure this is even a reason. 1/9

10. Syriza’s policies are still popular in Greece. We aren’t shackled by the same level of debt as Greece, so we can’t be held to ransom in the same way their government has. Podemos are a very new party who soared in popularity; I’m not sure why this has waned, so due to my own lack of knowledge I’ll award half a point. 1.5/10

11. Corbyn opposes not only the Tories but New Labour too. We don’t need to stick to the neoliberal agenda just because it’s been the norm since 1979. Things can and do change. Now is the time. 1.5/11

12. Although I agree it would be positive and progressive to have a female leader, to elect on this basis is positive discrimination. 1.5/12

13. Those most threatened are the super-rich. Corbyn’s policies will bring about wealth redistribution. 1.5/13