Technology in today’s world continues to evolve at lightning speed. As automation continues to proliferate throughout many sectors, consumers are demanding even more.

Sionic Mobile defines what consumers want in a future, connected world.
Sionic Mobile defines what consumers want in a future, connected world.

In light of the current pandemic, safety and efficiency take center stage. What factors define what consumers want most in a future, connected world? Convenience and simplicity. Neither of which would be possible without automation. Consider them building blocks to what we see as the inevitable.

As demand grows for more seamless experiences, companies are investing in automation. Sionic Mobile recognizes its ULink technology as a pivotal step toward an automated world. …

Contactless payments have been getting some serious attention lately, and for good reason. The coronavirus pandemic has definitely made some consumers re-evaluate how they orchestrate payments.

Sionic Mobile hand holding smartphone and pandemic creating new attention for contactless payments
Sionic Mobile hand holding smartphone and pandemic creating new attention for contactless payments

Nowadays, the less interaction with equipment in public places, the better. Social distancing and other precautionary measures have accelerated contactless payments usage. I don’t mean only here in the US, but around the globe. The growth potential is huge, and companies understand the significance.

Sionic Mobile is certain consumer payment behavior will be forever changed post-pandemic. It’s no wonder that payments companies are rolling out new contactless payment options.

Controlled by the System

Contactless payment systems can be complex to understand. Various components make them possible. Although, the “concept” as a whole is pretty simple. …

Over the years, there has been much confusion about open loop and closed loop payments. Even those in the payments industry may find themselves with an unclear understanding.

So, what is causing all the confusion?

Sionic Mobile confusion around open and closed loop payments
Sionic Mobile confusion around open and closed loop payments

For some, it may be the way a mobile or digital transaction happens. For others, it may depend on how the funds move through a certain payment ecosystem.

There are companies with systems that offer consumers pleasant experiences on either one. But, which is better and how much does it matter? Let’s find out.

Connecting the Dots

First, we will begin by defining what open and closed loop payments are. …

We are sure everyone knows the phrase “[insert term here] knows no bounds.” It is a saying used often and for a very long time.

Many have made this particular reference to many business sectors. In some cases, it may have been accurate, and in others, not so much. In an evolving archetype of how we live, what is the next frontier?

As times change, people change, and their needs change. To meet those needs, companies see opportunities. Some capitalize on those opportunities, while others may strike and miss.

Sionic Mobile weighing opportunities and timing
Sionic Mobile weighing opportunities and timing

So, as the saying goes, “Timing is everything.” But is it? …

The coronavirus pandemic is proving detrimental to businesses, and consumers are reacting.

SMBs, corporations, and nonprofits suffer effects daily that they have never experienced before. Volatility and uncertainty surround many sectors, and there’s no definitive solution in sight.

Sionic Mobile coronavirus pandemic proving detrimental to businesses
Sionic Mobile coronavirus pandemic proving detrimental to businesses

With a fresh perspective on safety, consumer habits have changed. Everything from going to the grocery store to a simple greeting can no longer be taken for granted. This behavior will likely have lasting effects.

So, the real question is, will consumers change their payment behavior for good? Sionic Mobile thinks so. This change could finally tip the scales to mobile, digital, and alternative payments. …

Companies of all sizes are closing or transitioning during these trying times. Employers are being forced to take creative actions to keep their businesses going.

Is working remote in response to the COVID-19 pandemic an option for all businesses? Unfortunately, it’s not, especially for our brave, essential services providers. For those that do have the option, take advantage of it; it’s necessary.

After careful consideration, our CEO decided to switch the company’s operations to remote. The safety and well-being of our employees is paramount. Plus, we want to be a part of the solution to end this pandemic.

For the average company, this is no small task or one to take for granted. Sionic Mobile’s ever-evolving strategies allowed for a smooth transition during the global crisis. Here’s our story. …

Sionic Mobile’s ION Commerce Engine® (“ICE”), is now available for private label. A leader in mobile payments & rewards, the ICE Platform is good for financial companies. ICE can enhance their mobile apps, help get and keep customers and increase revenue.

Who does it help?

Prepaid debit, digital banks, marketplace lenders and digital asset exchanges can all benefit.

How does it help?

Merchants pay these mobile app providers to bring their customers through their doors.

Let’s breakdown the mobile app providers by type.

Sionic Mobile mobile providers breakdown
Sionic Mobile mobile providers breakdown

Prepaid Debit

Serving the under-banked, prepaid debit providers may now offer customer rewards. …

It can be quite a daunting task to select a headquarters location, especially if you’re a startup. Right?

Corporate headquarters set the tone for the company and its culture. Do you get me? Because you’re not a Fortune 500 company, that doesn’t make the decision any less critical. Especially if you’re trying to establish yourself in the community and to the public at large.

Companies use planning and strategy to select the ideal location and office space. What kind of impression are you trying to make to potential employees or partners? How will the community, local government officials and associations perceive you? …

Let’s begin the conversation by asking: “will consumers buy stuff from the comfort of their car?”

The short answer is yes. Why?

Many of us are spending more time behind the wheel as daily commutes get longer. This is creating a a captive audience of millions of consumers. TrueMotion reports the average consumer spends 72 minutes per day in their car. That’s a lot of time.

Sionic Mobile Speak & See
Sionic Mobile Speak & See

Consumers want to make the most of their drive times. It’s the single parent of three needing to pickup dinner on the way home and skipping the line at the restaurant. …


Sionic Mobile

A leading provider of connected commerce services through partner alliances. Our ULink™ service makes buying nearby convenient via search, apps and devices.

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