Why Do Our Heroes Always Let Us Down?
Caitlin Johnstone

First: I don’t want to pay to join Medium until they enhance the platform to allow all of us to comment on each others’ comments. That said, all I can say about the article is blarrchch, and yes, and true. And because we need to take down that system, because we can’t function within it. Representative democracy does not work and always attracts representatives who believe they can’t win without deception, and then winning becomes the end and deception the only means, therefore broken system. Check out the Democracy in Europe Movement headed by many but notably Yanis Varoufakis, and their efforts to start a totally transparent form of government using a form of direct democracy. Diem25.org. Turns out that Julian Assange is on their Advisory Panel. Might be why you haven’t heard much about it. This is a good movement as far as I can see so far.