Cameroon: A passenger train Caring Travelers Derailed, 56 Dead

The derailment occurred in the afternoon in the city of Eséka, about 120 km from Yaoundé. The intercity train going towards Douala had eighteen cars, all full to bursting. A length of exceptional trains due to a landslide that occurred earlier in the morning of a bridge on the Douala-Yaounde highway and caused the interruption of traffic on this road.

Hundreds of passengers wanting to travel then stormed the train, forcing the rail carrier to an addition of wagons to meet the passenger surplus. An ultimately fatal option, said train never reached its final destination.

The ” train of death “, as already qualified local media, devastated an area of several hundred meters along the railway. Witnesses ensure that carcasses of cars, at least fifteen, lying here and there in an impressive heap of scrap. Some oars fell into a ravine. Travelers were ejected. Corpses littered the scene of the accident, some crushed by the carcasses of cars.

Quickly the people flocked, helping to extract the wounded and travelers in shock.
 The record is currently fifty six dead and many more injured. Balance sheet is likely to increase. This especially as the care of wounded is problematic, the city Eseka with only a small district hospital. But the wounded were also evacuated by the emergency to a clinic and a health center before being sent to Edea and Douala for the most serious cases.

About the bridge that collapsed last night under the effect of the rain on the road from Yaounde Douala, work is ongoing to restore circulation. This road between Douala the economic capital Yaoundé is a major way for the country but for the entire sub-region.

Originally published at on October 22, 2016.