India Has Signed An Arms Buying Mega-contract With Russia

India has signed an arms buying mega-contract with Russia. The two leaders met on the sidelines of the BRICS countries, held in Goa, India. New Delhi reaffirms its military cooperation with its main supplier, while trying to develop its own arms industry.

The purchase launchers ground-air S-400 missiles could, according to some commentators, change the game in terms of defense in the South Asian region. This impressive machine can shoot three types of missiles to protect drones, missiles or other hostile aircraft flying at 400 km distance.

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This could allow India to create a curtain of defense against possible attacks Pakistan. Public engagement is taken now, the final sales contract should be signed next year to 4.5 billion euros.

Russia, which supplies nearly two-thirds of its equipment to India, also just agreed to create a joint venture to manufacture helicopters fighting Russian Kamov KA 226T on Indian soil.

The stated objective of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is to develop its own arms industry, which is very small compared to its needs. He asks and its partners such as France and Russia, to accept technology transfers in exchange for his generous purchases. In the latter case, a major industrial complex should be developed to build 200 helicopters under Russian license.

Originally published at on October 15, 2016.