Presidential Election Debate Holds Today Sunday, Trump Vs Hillary

Sunday night is held the second debate of the presidential election. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will face off in a different format for their last performance. It will not be a confrontation but a public issue in an amphitheater at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, in which an audience of undecided voters will participate by asking questions. Donald Trump has many handicaps to overcome after his poor performance in the first debate, and sexist statements unearthed by the press.

Donald Trump announces he respects women.

That was before the press unearthed a video where billionaire speaks with vulgarity confusing to them.

It was a black week for the right candidate before the second debate who will oppose Hillary Clinton tonight, reports from Washington. Donald Trump did not need that. He denies having made a performance-cons when facing the end of September, but the reality is there: the polls are not good.

The advance of September fade. Poor passes Hillary Clinton seems to be over, the candidate was able to exploit its good performance in the first debate, capitalizing on its file preparation, the nervousness and sexism of his opponent.
 What terrifies the Trump campaign is not so much his lack of sponsor during the debate, that self-injury that he then comes: insulting a former Miss Universe and worse in the famous video of 2005.

Finally, the good performance of the Republican running mate Mike Pence during single debate against Democrat Kaine is not interpreted as an advantage. Many believe the contrary it shows how Donald Trump is not level.

Republicans elected more by the hour, withdraw support

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Originally published at on October 9, 2016.