When Russia Tries To Restrict the Use Of Social Networks By Its Soldiers

Russian soldiers will have to be very careful about what they post on social networks. The Russian Ministry of Defense is considering taking very severe measures against military personnel who would be too careless on the Internet.

These measures are in fact targeting all the soldiers could put online, on social networks: photos of course, but also all the information that would be likely to locate them, or to locate the Russian units.

At the root of these restrictions is a fear: seeing Russian soldiers reveal valuable information on the Internet without even realizing it. Information about where they are, what they are doing, and what equipment they have.

There have already been several examples, rather embarrassing to the Russian army. This was the case in Ukraine in 2014, with accusations of the direct intervention of Russian soldiers in the Donbass. Moscow has always denied having sent soldiers to Ukraine.

Sources: Sipcyp News Alive