The Cycle of Life

I seriously question Homeostasis as a natural law of the universe. After all, nothing in the universe is ever constant, same or steady. Despite the forces of Homeostasis that resist change, the universe is constantly ‘happening’. In every aspect of being… living or otherwise, there is change, transformation, flux, metamorphosis, evolution. There can never be absolute Homeostasis. Its just not meant to be. In fact, Homeostasis is the inverse of the fundamental laws of nature. Homeostasis equals death, nothingness, non-existence.

We know from Albert Einstein that Matter and Energy are simply aspects of the same thing, completely interchangeable, two sides of the same coin. However from a homeostatic point of view, I argue that Matter and Energy are actually opposing forces:
- Matter — in a constant effort to achieve homeostasis and eventually decay.
- Energy — forcing Matter to oppose decay and morph into a different state, constantly fighting death and non-existence.

We know from quantum physics that the universe is all energy. Cosmic energy everywhere. All the Matter in this universe was simply created from Energy. However, Matter cannot exist by itself. It needs energy to prevent itself from decaying and non-existing i.e. from achieving homeostasis. Without a continuous supply of universal cosmic energy, Matter cannot exit. Thus, Matter needs energy to resist homeostasis and continue to exist. In doing so, Matter is in a constant state of change. Nothing in the material universe is ever the same. If it were, it would cease to exist as Matter.

What is evolution after all? It is simply a discernible process of change in living species on our planet. “Evolution” is simply a term given to the intricate and complex interaction between Energy and Matter and the survival of Matter.

Simply put, the cycle of life (the story of our universe) is the interminable interchange between Energy & Matter:

- All Matter is created from Energy.
- All Matter is continuously striving to achieve a state of Homeostasis.
- Homeostasis is the process of decay and death.
- To fight death, we need Energy.
- Energy helps to achieve change and transformation.
- Change and transformation resists & fights homeostasis.
- When the energy runs out, Matter returns to homeostasis. To nothingness.

However, we know that there can never be ‘absolute’ homeostasis. There is always energy present in the universe to drive change in Matter. Thus we never really observe Matter disappearing or non-existing. It simply changes form into another state of Matter or converts back into energy. Hence absolute homeostasis is never achieved. Thus continues the cycle of life…ad infinitum.