Installing Docker on Raspberry Pi 4


Sipke Schoorstra
Nov 27, 2019 · 1 min read

To install Docker, run the following two commands on your PI (either directly or via SSH):

sudo apt update -y
curl -fsSL -o && sh

This is going to be a really short post, and serves more as a “note to self” than anything else.

Last week I finally allowed myself to purchase a Raspberry Pi 4, with the intent to build an IoT application with .NET Core 3.0 and drive some peripherals.

Before getting started, I wanted to prepare the Pi with Docker, so I can build and deploy my application as a container. Because that’s the cool thing to do, right?

Well, turns out that was easier said than done. I spent an entire weeking pulling my hair out, to no avail.

But today my friends, I found the right combination of words to enter into Google, which allowed me to find the following Youtube video:

I skipped the intro and jumped straight to minute 2:50 to see the magic lines that would deliver me from madness:

curl -fsSL -o && sh

But that didn’t work right away. I first had to update my system:

sudo apt update -y

That was it!

Sipke Schoorstra

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Software Developer

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