Moments from the The Verge profile of The Awl, ranked.

talk about metaphors

  1. When Choire threw the rock into the ocean.
  2. When Herrman got all serious and pretty much looked through the camera and told us: “I think things are probably much, much worse industry-wise than people acknowledge. It is, to the web, what the web was to what came before it.”
  3. When Frucci called Buchanan and Hermann “one big ginger man in a trench coat that people mistake for two people.”
  4. When Buchanan ordered a ginger ale. Get it? A GINGER ale.
  5. When Choire took his shoes off, put his feet up on the desk, and reviewed the freelance budget, with an actual awl in his hand.
  6. When the apartment began to collapse, and the ceiling fell into the bathtub. Talk about metaphors.
  7. When Choire changed the password on their Chartbeat account to password.
  8. When the camera lingered on the shot of New York waking up, and everything’s covered in sand, and most people are dead, but a few survived somehow, and are walking around in circles. The fx on that shot was amazing. Reminded me of Will Smith in I Am Legend.
  9. And then…and then! Bookending that ocean rock throwing thing at the beginning, when Choire put on the ring and lept around the woods shouting NO ONE CAN HARM ME!!!
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