2018 IS ALL ABOUT _________! [FILL IN THE BLANK]

That’s the beauty. YOU get to fill in the blank. YOU get to write the story. This is the first day of the first year of the rest of your life. YOU get to decide how it goes. Here are 6 key ways I finish the above sentence — with more to come throughout the year:

1️⃣ More More More of everything that moves us onward and upward
2️⃣ Health (including sleep)
3️⃣ Becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable in order to grow
4️⃣ Being more deliberate & efficient with time (we all get 1440 min a day)
5️⃣ Deploying more empathy & gratitude, daily
6️⃣ Reaching 10,000+ people with the #WalkTheWant message & inspiring at least 1 to take tangible steps toward their WANT 
Sending ➕➕➕ vibes to you all for a happy, healthy 2018 — the first of many, many great years ahead!

#ThankYOU for reading!

(ORIGINAL POST: https://instagram.com/skyrockit)