How to Make Herbal Bitters at Home Quite Easily?

Herbal Bitters

Herbal bitters are currently trending in the world of herbs and so herbalists from all over the world are coming up with their own innovative recipes. In this post, we will have a look at what these bitters are and then we will explain how to prepare your own Orange and Elecampane Herbal Bitter Recipe at home easily.

What are digestive bitters?

While the bitter taste is often scorned, it is now steadily making a comeback. Western diet has done an exceptional job of eliminating all the bitter flavors from the food. However, it has been a couple of years since people have started understanding that bitter foods offer an extensive range of health benefits, including improved immunity and digestion support.

And rest assured that once you are used to the bitter taste, you will never go back. Foods without your favorite bitter taste would then feel bland.

So Mow to Make Herbal Bitters at Home?

The recipe we will discuss below contains inulin. This is a starchy substance which you can consider as a very healthy food for your gut flora.

The dandelion roots, as well as the elecampane root, contain healthy amounts of inulin. Pro-biotics, fermented foods, and microbiome have been trending for a few years now and inulin is a powerful pre-biotic that will effectively help in fuelling healthy gut flora.

If you are planning to prepare your own bitters, remember that fresh roots which are harvested during the fall will have higher amounts of inulin. Do not filter the thick white layer that you will find at the bottom of the jar.

There is also a possibility that some people can experience bloating and gas when they will take inulin.However, the amount of inulin in this concoction is not high enough to result in such kind of problem.

Orange and Elecampane Herbal Bitter Recipe

The ingredients you’ll need are-

• Roasted dandelion root — 10grams.

• Elecampane- 20grams.

• Fresh ginger minced- 10 grams.

• Licorice root- 5 grams.

• Cloves- 4

• Orange- 1

• Vanilla bean pod- 1

• Cracked black pepper- 3grams.

• Vodka or brandy

Take a quartz-sized container or jar and place minced ginger, roots, cloves, pepper, and licorice in it. Now cut an orange and place it in the jar as well. Then cut open the vanilla pod, mince it and add it to the jar. Now, fill this jar with vodka or brandy. Cover it and shake it well.

Place this jar on the kitchen counter and shake it occasionally. Strain if required and keep tasting regularly. It can take around two weeks for the concoction to taste the best. You can keep this bitter indefinitely.

Using Digestive Bitters

You can consume it before meals. Just take some drops directly from a tincture bottle or dilute a little in water. Dosage can vary between people. The important thing here is to make sure that you do taste the herbal bitters. Around a teaspoon or 10–20 drops should be fine in this regard. However, do not expect any overnight magic. Try to make taking herbal bitters a habit and over time you’ll definitely witness noticeable results.

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