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3 channels of advertising an advertising agency can use to help boost your customer engagement

Advertising is essential to building consumer awareness around your business. The key to selecting an appropriate channel of advertising for your brand is to have an in-depth understanding of who your target market is. Different customer segments react and are exposed to different types of advertising.

By approaching an advertising agency they can provide you with a professional insight using their skills and experience to set the best direction for your brand.

1. Digital/Online Advertsing

Many advertising agencies are transitioning their focus from traditional channels of advertising to now focusing a lot more on their online presence. This includes running campaigns through their social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Another popular digital advertising channel is Google Adwords. This makes adverts appear on a customers screen after they search specific key words that are in relation to your product or service.

Having creative and bold content within these adverts will essentially be the difference between a customer clicking on or ignoring it.

2. Broadcast Advertising

Broadcast advertising is conducted in the form of a television commercial or radio broadcast. These are both examples of traditional advertising and they create the highest level of exposure.

Television commercials provide a visual aid, which withholds the customer’s attention as well as working as a form of persuasion resulting in heightened purchase intentions. Differentiating yourself from competing commercials is essential to determine whether your message is fully absorbed.

Working alongside an advertising agency would put you in the position to create valuable innovative content delivering your message in a creative manner captivating the audience’s attention throughout the whole commercial.

3. Print Advertising

Print advertising is another form of traditional advertising. Magazines and Newspapers are both examples of this. Much like TV commercials they provide a visual aid, which draws in the reader and sustains their attention.

However with print the audiences are more selective and adverts must be placed in relation to the target audience of the magazine for it to be effective. With newspapers the segmentation is established through geographic location therefore appealing more to businesses advertising to their local community.

The ultimate goal of advertising is to create a well-represented and established brand with continuous growth of awareness and customer recall. Advertising agencies can help you develop a plan of what advertising channels are best suited to your brand.

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