Why we started SiQueries

Working with data is more painful than it needs to be. Whether it’s collection, integration, exploration, visualization, or sharing with colleagues: each part of the workflow is fraught with inefficiencies that slow down individuals and teams.

Businesses are still struggling to access and integrate data from multiple sources. Sharing datasets and analysis was still ad hoc and inefficient. Fast data exploration and discovery-driven analytics was still beyond the reach of a lot of small and medium businesses in their decision making.

Why businesses needs analytics that doesn’t sucks.

Our mission: to provide easy data access and integration across multiple sources, enhance collaboration in teams, and enable fast interactive exploration and analysis of data sets. By the time we’re done, it’s going to be the tool fast-paced data-driven teams have only been able to dream about.

We want SiQueries to be more than a product: we want to change the way businesses work with data, and how data products are built and marketed. It’s an ambitious project.

The road ahead

We’ll be working tirelessly to make SiQueries something really special, and we hope it will become one of the most essential parts of your data tool belt.

We’ll be expanding access to the beta is quickly as we are able to meet demand; if you want to try SiQueries, sign up for beta access, and feel free to write us as hello@siqueries.com about how you think SiQueries can help you.

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