Andela boot-camp 23 day 0

The all time toughest is finally here. Andela boot-camp(“Assume a deep voice”). Our day 0 is very much different from other Andela boot-camps in that its remote. We will be doing everything Andela expects from us except at home. Everything else stays the same so don’t assume its easier.

So what happened today. I was in a meeting, I met new people, made friends, assigned tasks and learned that the hangout chat box on your gmail account is a really awesome piece of software.

We were ever so lucky to recieve the challenge sheet a day or two earlier. This gives you time to prep. For challenge 1 Andela expects that you learn Html5 and css3 and so for me i had to read a book on it and learn from Youtube University. A daunting two day sleepless cycle. Although i had some trouble understanding the div tag i am now very well on my way to getting it.

Our facilitators did an awesome job in helping us get started on the challenges and well lets “git” to it. “YOYO”(“Assume a fist bump”) its going to be a Yummy treat.

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