Andela boot camp day three

Day three at Andela remote boot camp and as much as i can say that i haven’t met my colleagues and my learning facilitator I have really felt their presence.

Isaac Ndungu . A fellow boot camper and a friend . Always helping out in whatever way he can . The kind of person who would die for the team . A quote from him “Team Aurora ! no one gets left behind . ” I promise you . He means it . He is the very definition of collaboration.

Allan Koech . Always appreciating help, giving out help and feedback , There when you have blockers, helping you work them out . Shares ideas, problems he faced and how he got past them just so you wouldn’t have to go through the same . Takes a path and debugs it for you .

Eunice Gatehi . Probably the nicest person you’ll ever come to meet . Deep thinker needless to say i haven’t met her . Inspiring . Innocent and grit . Oh if everyone was like her! . Things would be a lot easier . Seeks peace , balance and equality . Knows whats wrong with the world and seeks to change it. The Ying and Yang.

Tina Murimi . Our teacher, mentor and facilitator . You wouldn’t know she is until she turns on her computer and you’d see a billion lines of test code . Yeah all i saw was the test code . Thats when you realize World class people do exist . With all that work cut out for her she still does find time to help us when we have blocker . Inspiring . She is really cool too . This long weekend is probably going to be awesome for her .

And thats just the gist of the matter. Many afore awesome and inspiration that i haven’t mentioned because of time . I have a lot of work cut out for me right now . I’ll get back to you when i can .