How to Exploit a Developer

Nigeria as a developing country is a bit late to the Tech party. We haven’t got big flash IPOs and Corporate buy outs yet but we try. There is a lot of money in tech but it’s still a bit hard to come by and restricted to certain elite circles. That’s fine.

Take a look at this app competition.

Competition Timeline

  • 30 June ‐ 20 July: Development of demo app
  • 20 July: By 11:59pm on Sunday 20 July, participants are to submit their pitch online.


The mobile and web app should allow women in Nigeria to connect with one another, share their knowledge and learn from each other; and as a result empower themselves to achieve their goals. The mobile version of the app should be downloadable as native apps for Android, Blackberry, Apple and Windows phones. The app should incorporate a content management system that allows content editor to upload contents such as texts, images and video to the app.

In addition, the app should allow integration with social media like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus etc. It should have features for blogging / forum discussion, user subscription, ability to send to and receive sms from subscribers, send emails to subscribers etc.

Important Notice

  1. By participating in this competition, the competitors agree to release their Intellectual Property (IP) used in building the demo app and as such FMCT is not liable to any damage associated with the use of the IP by unauthorized third party.
  2. The winner shall receive a cash award of N500,000.00 (about $3000) for the best solution. The first and second runner up will receive N300,000.00 (close to $2000)and N200,000.00 (about $1200)respectively. Therefore on selection of the winning app, the winner will be required to complete the app (web and mobile) based on additional requirements that will be stipulated.
  3. In building the final app, the organisers can combine one or more features in the winner, first and second runner ups’ apps to build whole new app by the winner.
  4. The year-in, year-out maintenance and support of the app shall be the sole responsibilities of the winner.
  5. While the Intellectual Property of the app will be jointly owned by the organisers and the winner, the proprietary ownership of the business data on the app shall belong to the organisers.
  6. A Service Contract Agreement, Service Level Agreement and Source Code Escrow Agreement shall be signed between the organisers and the winner to guarantee the operations of the app year-in, year-out.

TL; DR: You have 3 weeks to develop and app that for Web / Android / iOS / Blackberry that has a CMS, is fully socially integrated(Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus), has support for uploading content (Text, Images and Video), has a forum etc, for the chance to win $3000 while releasing any intellectual property rights. Oh, and if you win, you’ll be required to include any changes they decide to make and run maintenance in perpetuity. Wait, it gets better, they get part ownership of your source code just by entering and sole ownership of any and all Business data if you win.

This isn’t a competition. They’re recruiting Bring Your Own Idea style. You come up with the idea, pitch it and get no equity, and do all the work. They’ll cover hosting fees though, they’re nice like that.