I work in eCommerce design.
Kristin Joy Currier Ludlow

Kristin Joy Currier Ludlow thank you for reading and your response. With regards to large commodities, and any product for that matter, the digital landscape will continue to evolve as technology pushes shopping experiences into new frontiers. The website as we know it today will eventually be obsolete and it’s application drastically overhauled to meet the needs of consumer demand.

Regarding the adoption of emerging technologies, it will only increase. I reflect on personal experiences. Two years ago my mother did not have social media, a tablet, and was fairly disconnected with respect to “cutting-edge” technology. Now she has all three and talks about AR/VR. As Gen-Z and younger generations gain more buying power, the convergence of emerging technology across generations will occur. Reducing the current gap that exists between generations in terms of emerging technology adoption.

As that occurs, the need for enriched, highly connected and personalized experiences will shift from “trying to have” to necessary table stakes to remain relative in the eyes of consumers. The challenge that today’s “any-type” of Commerce designer, developer, and marketer faces is the ability to bridge that gap today in a way that is tailored to their audience. Additionally, continuing to push the envelope in a way that resonates across any generation of shoppers.