Carolyn Miles, President and CEO, Save the Children USA
An appeal to end the suffering in Syria

What can I do? I read the article where major humanitarian organizations are asking the lay person become active and try to help end the suffering of the Syrian people.

With all due respect there has to be a paradigm shift how the humanitarian organizations approach this issue. Many of the organizations listed have created their own silos to protect themselves and their brand. Granted these groups have a similar humanitarian focus but different implementation policies and methods of execution.

I suggest a plan be made where the agencies come out as a united front in fact market this effort under a new name just for the Syrian conflict. Develop a strategy for each organization to use effective methods to pointedly address the plan and get the citizenry involved in the countries they are active (i.e. US citizens write their senators and representatives). Tell the citizens what and how they rally for this cause.

Appeal to corporations, unions, major non-political organizations. Make it personal not a 30 second sound bite on national news.

Speaking of sound bites I have yet to here what disproportionate percentage males to females are, the existing mental conditions of the citizens, the horrific injuries to the children that occur each day, what’s a typical day in the life of a citizen? I expect these statistics can be researched but I don’t expect the man on the street would take the time.

These and more issues are difficulties that will need to be addressed for decades after the conflict. Now I’m preaching to choir. My apologies

What can I do?

Mike Tsocaris

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