Deep web -The unknown internet

Even though you are a hardcore computer user you might be unaware of the hidden face of Internet that we call it as the deep web.

People might be wondering ¨WTF, hidden internet,, no way !¨, but it is a fact.90%% of the internet content is not accessible to public.And there is a worst face of Internet known as the Dark net.

I am being a hard core programmer felt shame on me when i came to know that the internet known to me was like a drop of water in a glass.Soon i realised that no need to feel shame since it is unknown to most of the Internet users.Our internet have zettabytes of data.The actual statistics in unknown because it is growing in each second.7,610 Tweets sent in 1 second on twitter.thousands of images and videos are uploading to Facebook in one second.All combined together data is growing exponentially.

There are two levels for internet

  • Surface web
  • Deep web

Surface web is the normal Internet that is known to the public.Deep web is the hidden part of internet which contains legal and iillegal data.Dark web is a subset of deepweb where the majority of data is illegal.

Following are the kind of data on deep web

  • Govt and private business information,scientist data, journalist data etc..
  • Dark web data consists of hacking,drugs,crimes and other illegal activity data

Deep web is 500 times bigger than our surface web.Following illustration will show the volume of each.

Deep web have zettabytes of memory which is totally invisible.Why it is invisible? Its because it is not indexed on standard search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo.Deep web have its own search engines and websites.

These are the people who uses deep web

  • Military
  • Scientists
  • Policemens
  • Business data
  • Govt. data
  • Banks

So how to use dark web?

Use any deep web browser

Tor is one of them

It uses Onion routing.Onion routing means that messages and communication are encapsulated in layers of encryption, like onion layers

Darknet businesses


2. Nucleus Market Etc.,

In the dark net business uses the currency of BITCOINS.1 BITCOIN = Around 1762.23 USD.

Here is a video found on youtube about the darknet