Aamir Ogna

Very nicely written. There are very good points about striking the right balance. Yes I believe that it is absolutely beneficial for your conscience to maintain balance but when you say balance we should also define d scale.. May be a human being should never keep the intention to be too good or bad.. May be all that he should care about should be right and wrong. The habit of making the right choices and thinking everything thru projects yourself as good..Good and bad are only relative terms depending on who is judging you but right and wrong is absolute..

Also about man creating religion to keep bad people in check leads to a larger question on how do you define good or bad? May be religion was always one but ur own interpretation led to the wrong choices and in turn created evil. If u think about it even the terrorists think that they are very religious, don’t you agree? Also if you follow all ancient religions, they always have a father figure who they call god of gods or the chief. For example Norse religion has Odin, greeks have Zeus, hindus have brahman and Muslims, Christians and jews anyways believe in one lord. So is it really the religion that is changing? May be only the traditions are changing because traditions stem from interpretation and as man and generations interpret religion traditions get overwritten and replaced with new. What we don’t realize is that religion is in simplicity, it is not about creating your own community and traditions based on ur interpretation but rather connecting the dots in each interpretation.

But yes religion will become simpler if you start asking yourself on every choice whether it is right or wrong and this will help you maintain the balance. For example do you really need to wake up early for a hot shower? May be you just need to wake up before your last roommate goes to take a shower. In this way you will optimize sleep and still maintain the balance by getting good sleep and a hot shower ;)

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