How can Home Owners Benefit by Switching to Solar Power?

In order to protect the environment and to reduce dependency on energy generated from fossil fuels, homeowners and business organizations are proactively opting for clean energy sources to generate electricity. Solar energy is one such source for producing clean electricity. In places like UAE and Dubai, solar power can be used to generate kilowatts of electricity on a daily basis. These regions receive a copious amount of sunlight, which can be easily converted to electricity. However, before you switch to solar energy to power you company’s office building, it is essential that you understand the net metering and the billing credits, which your company will receive. The same is applicable for homeowners. Some of the essential features of net metering have been discussed in the following section

Understanding Net Metering for Electricity Generated Using Solar Energy

In order to generate electricity from solar energy, solar panels comprising photovoltaic cells must be installed in areas that receive an extensive amount of sunlight. The solar panels will then use sunlight and convert it to electricity through a complex circuitry. The electricity generated can now be sent to grid from where the electricity will be distributed. The Shams Dubai net metering programme makes it possible for customers to set up their own solar panels. Customers can now generate their own electricity. The excess electricity generated is sent back to the grid to be consumed at a later date. The Shams Dewa initiative helps customers to get credit on their net utility bill for the extra electricity generated from their solar panels. Moreover, through net metering, you will only have to pay for the electricity required to power your company’s office building. Thus, the entire methodology of net metering and billing credit is designed to make switching to solar energy for electricity easy and economical. Some of the benefits that homeowners can expect on switching to solar energy have been discussed in the following section.

Benefits of Switching to Solar Energy

As a homeowner if you decide to switch to solar energy, to power the electrical equipment in your house, you can be assured of the following benefits:

· Your home will become energy efficient because the solar panels that you install will generate the electricity required to power the electrical equipment in your house.

· Your monthly energy expenses will reduce since you will be depending more on solar energy to generate electricity.

· Once, you have installed the solar panels, they can continuously generate electricity. Moreover, the solar panels are both easy to install and maintain. Companies that install these solar panels also have dedicated staff to take care of the maintenance so you all the more need not worry about the upkeep of these sophisticated systems.

· You will be protecting the environment by reducing your dependency on electricity that is generated by burning fossil fuels.

Thus, as a homeowner, switching to solar energy can prove to be economical and reduce your energy expenses to a large extent. It will also ensure that you carry out your responsibilities towards protecting the environment.

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