Setting Milestones — Renewable Energy Companies in UAE

The renewable energy companies in UAE have set milestones for themselves in expanding the renewable energy scenario in the country. This has led to large scale expansion and development of the renewable energy companies in UAE. All credit to these companies, UAE is on a speedy road to establishing itself as a world leader in sustainable initiatives.

High target of Power Generation

The UAE has targeted to increase its renewable energy generation by more than 30% by 2030. They aim to implement this target through advanced technologies and extensive research by experienced professionals.

Job Creation in the renewable energy sector

Renewable energy companies in UAE are targeting to create close to 1 lakh jobs for the people of the nation by the year 2030 in the renewable energy sector through large-scale expansion plans. Many companies are investing billions of dollars towards the development of the sector.

Big Savings for Companies

Using renewable energy sources leads to big savings for companies and industries. The savings from power derived from these natural sources in running companies, industries and institutions in the UAE will be more than 80 billion dollars. The companies plan to utilize this saving made from renewable energy by renewable energy companies in UAE in other areas of development, which will be beneficial for the overall growth of the nation.


· The Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050 by the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy — Targeting to achieve 75% of energy from natural resources by 2050.

· Development of Mohammed bin Rashid al‑Maktoum Solar Park which plans to produce 3,000 MW power by 2030.

· Hassyan Clean Coal Power Plant — To generate 2,400 MW of power by 2030.

· Development of Dubai Green Zone (a zone free of non-renewable energy sources)

· Abu Dhabi’s Shams-1 — To develop 100 MW of solar power

· Government backed Dubai Carbon — owned by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA).

In addition, the UAE Government is investing billions of dollars in the development of Renewable energy companies in UAE and even instigating companies and residential buildings to install solar panels on their rooftops and derive power from solar energy. The Abu Dhabi Fund for Development is even investing in renewable energy projects abroad, which include projects in the Caribbean and Africa.

Masdar City is Abu Dhabi is a living example of future living. The sustainable eco-project coming up here is expected to be completed by 2030. This project will provide alternative power sources. The entire city is expected to run on power created through renewable energies.

Oil, which was the only source of economic development in UAE, is gradually being moved aside to give prominence to renewable energy companies in UAE. The country will be soon set to be an example of green revolution to the world. The strategic location, environment and natural resources of the region are also great contributors to the steady development of renewable energy in UAE helping the renewable energy companies in UAE turn the region into a clean energy hub.