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Avenir (Latin + Greek + Cyrillic)

I enjoy Twitter’s like animation. It’s fun. It’s ‘delightful’.

Yesterday, it felt like a punch in the face —

the well-produced; the unique; the inspiring

Motion Typography

Type-Assisted Narrative


A guide for students coming from traditional design school backgrounds who are interested in diving deeper into tech, hacking, and product design. I’ll focus on how you can apply your design experience to hackathon-scale projects, give examples of cool things people have done in the past, and link you to resources for getting started with similar projects.

You’ve gone through Foundations. You know your aesthetics, your principles, your color theory, and how to challenge people with design that rllymakesuthink.

Now you’re at a hackathon. You’ve gotten your swag, eaten some food, and sat through hours of API talks. What now?

Some Background:

Blind by Design is a series focused on addressing systemic biases within design. Join us.

We’re all human. We carry with us contexts — from our childhood, from the people we interact with, and from the scenarios that exist in our day-to-day lives. We rightly celebrate the diversity of these contexts, marveling at our collective differences and our fundamental similarities.

But, our differences can also bias us, causing us to make assumptions, fail to take into account other perspectives, and systemically favor certain choices over others. …

For the past month, Nate Parrott and I have been prototyping an augmented reality table. You can read the technical details here (or down below). I’ll try to tell the story of why.

My most vivid memories from childhood came from capitalizing on my friend’s endless supply of Legos, and building.

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In the words of the countless Year in Reviews posted by Your Friendly Tech Corporations,

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Unearthed so far…

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Chen Ye

Builds; explores worlds when not distracted by cats. SpaceX Design. Ex-@FacebookDesign, @IBMWatson, @Microsoft, @hackatbrown. Brown ’17.5

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