Political Censorship on Twitter

This article will prove (with hard evidence) the undeniable political bias and censorship on one of the worlds largest social media platforms.

Let’s jump right into it.

First and foremost: Twitter employs Antifa.

Twitter CEO follows this account

Secondly: this is the Former Legal Director of Twitter, Nicole Wong.

She earned the nickname “the Decider”

What did she mean by this?

Third: Censorship of conservatives has hit an all time high!

algorithms dont care about anti white racism while instantly pick up racism towards any other group of people. This proves Twitter only cares about “hate speech” from conservatives.

Sarah Jeong was rewarded for her racial animosity by recieving a Blue Check Mark where before she never had one!

Congrats Sarah!

Fifth: Death threats to President Trump from Verified users left up for YEARS! Not one of these accounts have been banned.

Thanks Jack.

Lastly, the overwhelming number of verified users professing their hatred for a whole group of people based on their race. Without consequences, these accounts are left up with full functionality. No algorithms were designed to protect white people from racial animosity.

And just to drive the point home… I will provide over 1000 examples of what i am talking about here…

(P.S. Save all of this information before i too am banned by the silicon dictatorship!)

Quick Links to other useful information.


1: https://bit.ly/2MtFyc8

2: https://bit.ly/2nR1Nts

3: https://bit.ly/2N2nbqN

4: https://bit.ly/2MBI4x1

Pastebin: https://bit.ly/2MmMR5b


4: https://bit.ly/2wsqpNT